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St Gabriel Windows
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Friday, August 10, 2007

Grammar anyone?

As I prepare for the home schooling year ahead, I am very excited to be doing third grade again, for the third time. It will be a refreshing change from the heaviness of the two high school levels in our home. I enjoyed our grammar text of the past: Primary Language Lessons (Emma Serl), but this year we are going to use the updated version. You can read more about: Lingua Mater, Primary English Lessons, below.

"This latest book in the Lingua Mater series is a reprint of the 1911 version of Emma Serl's Primary Language Lessons. While keeping the flavor of the original book, we have made some changes to make the language more in keeping with today's English usage. We also changed some of the pictures and poems in hopes of making the book more interesting to young readers.

Since this book is intended as a complete third grade course, or as a two year course for second and third grade, we have made some of the exercises near the end of the book more appropriate for the end of third grade. These selections are longer and provide more opportunities for writing. By the time the sudent has progressed through the course, he will be well equipped to handle these tasks.

The beauty of this book is the balance between oral and written work. The exercises are intended to inspire conversation with the student about the use of language and to provide the child with practice using proper grammatical forms. This can be a very enjoyable time for teacher and student as they explore the beauty of the our language." [Margot Davidson, August 2005]Courtesy of Aquinas & More Catholic Goods.

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