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St Gabriel Windows
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Monday, February 04, 2013

Memoir Monday - A Flashback to 2008....Twenty-Third Sunday Ordinary Time

I find it so interesting to look back on my posts over the years and recall what I was thinking and feeling back then. And's a flashback and a prayer for all those involved in religious education. There were many memorable teachers that came before me, forming me, inspiring me and encouraging me. This Monday I reflect on them in gratefulness for all they gave to the Faith of lives and for the sacrifices they made to bring others to the fullness of Faith. God bless them all+ ~*~*~*~*~*~

Even though tomorrow is the twenty-third Sunday in Ordinary time, it will be anything but ordinary. Tomorrow our parish begins it's first Sunday of religious education, for which I am the 2nd grade instructor. It will be a very busy, bustling Sunday morning. I don't take this role lightly, I never have. In fact, I suppose I wouldn't have even taken on this role at all had it not been for the long arm of God, but that is another story! This will mark my 17th year in the parish program. The first couple years, I team-taught with the teacher that taught before me. I learned a lot from her and I am very grateful I had those couple years of being mentored. At the beginning of the third year of team-teaching my mentor was caught up in a divorce and had to abruptly leave at the beginning of the season. Oh, I will never forget that Sunday, or that year.....and still, here I am fifteen years later, not only teaching the first sacraments to precious second graders, but also helping to coordinate the program at both our parishes (for the last three years). Hmm, when I really think about how both of these situations rather fell to me by default...I have to chuckle. God does have a plan doesn't he? I really didn't say "yes" to either situation, but then again, I didn't run away shrieking NOooo.....I suppose this means I am/have been cooperating with God's plan? I hope so!

I wish the best to all those religious education instructors in parishes across the nation and particularly in my own diocese of Steubenville as they begin yet another season of religous instruction to those put in their charge. I pray for them most sincerely that they will make a difference, that they will plant seeds of spiritual growth and even though they may think their teaching dry or not reaching their students...may God bless their efforts by sending those that water and nuture further the spiritual growth and learning of these young students, whom many seeds are being planted within. We know the Holy Spirit is powerful indeed; let's pray for one another's needs as teachers of the Faith, and for those mothers who strive daily, yearly, within their own households teaching their own class of children through home education, that God will bless them with the wisdom, proper resources, guidance and graces needed to raise up strong people of God to "go forth unto all the ends of the earth."


Chris said...

I love it, Denise! Your reflection is just wonderful....thanks for sharing and thank you for linking to the Memoir Mondays blog hop.

I look forward to reading more of your posts, now that I won't miss any since I'm following!

Have a great day, Denise!

Home School Mom: Denise said...

Thank you Chris! ;)