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St Gabriel Windows
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Tuesday, February 26, 2013

A Wing and a Prayer…

I don’t mean to be neglecting my blog, but for this week I will be very involved elsewhere.

I have been preparing my 2nd grade class for First Reconciliation, and while it is a very small class this year (5 children), they have needed a lot of extra prep care, more so than any class I’ve had in the past and I’ve had some biggies.

We’ve been working literally for months, and I still fear that a few just aren’t there with it.  I revert to families for the help now as I don’t think there is much else I can do for them now as we make the sacrament this upcoming Sunday.  I have done my best and given my all as in years past.  It is moments like this where I feel perhaps I need to move out of the classroom and let someone else deal with the families as I grow weary of how lacking the support is for religious education.  Please keep these children and families in your prayers. 


My own Confirmation class of my Catholic school.  I was in 6th grade, (‘72) Bishop Federal of SLC Utah

In the meantime, I pray. With a sick family of my own for nearly a week now, and school, sacrament prep including managing Confirmation for the parish program, and some extra things going on, I feel the need for more spiritual assistance than ever.  That is what God is for, right?  He is there for us at all turns in life.

Re-enrollment for our home school program (Mother of Divine Grace) has opened up again and I must get to doing that also.  And may I add Modg is worth every penny and every bit of formation and accountability.  I am SO grateful to have found it years ago, and  glad to be educating my children with a program that helps them to think beyond the secular world and in a deeper ethical, religious and philosophical way – I am so tired of the shallowness all around.  I say that with all the love in my heart.  But I definitely want more than just a pay check for my children. 

Time is flying…and I’ll have a college graduate in May and a newly confirmed 13 yr old.  Come Holy Spirit, Come!!   And I hope to get to planning VBS for the parish soon also.  It seems I’m saturated with domestic life and education all around me, be that religious or academic including special ed.  It’s become my defining moment for the last 22 years…..I suppose God has me exactly where He wants and needs me most.  He has this one.


Chris said...

Wow, I give you a lot of credit, Denise! Good luck!
I'm impressed with your perseverance and I hope that the families will realize soon how blessed they are to have you as their kids' teacher.
Great reflection on rel ed from your POV....
On another note, I did NOT know you grew up in UT!!I love it out there, you lucky girl!!
Thx for sharing...

Home School Mom: Denise said...

Thanks Chris! Utah was beautiful and I would love to still be there. Went all through the Catholic school system there and was very disappointed in religious education here :( no offense to Ohio...but the vibrancy in the Catholic community in SLC was outstanding and simply beautiful at every turn. It's still growing and flourishing there and many of my alumni friends are involved in new Catholic schools there. They're not closing, they are opening new ones! How amazing is that??
God bless, xox Denise