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St Gabriel Windows
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Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Discrimination by insurance companies for Autism therapies

It’s hard to believe that discriminating against those with an autism diagnosis, who need basic therapies like speech-language and more extensive work like ABA therapies, is even an issue across the United States. There are some states where once the diagnosis of Autism is made, therapies for treatment are no longer covered.  I am shocked to discover this, and hope you will consider signing the bill to reverse this. 

Please take time to watch this video and read the story:  The Autism Gap report; insurances that don’t cover therapies for autism diagnosis. 

Consider these facts:

-Autism affects 1 in 88 kids.  1 in 54 are boys.

-More kids diagnosed with Autism than AIDS, diabetes and cancer combined.

-32 States have Autism included in insurance coverage.

-Average claims indicates an avg. premium impact of 32 centers per member per month.

-Cost of caring for someone with autism over their lifetime is $3.2M.

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