St Gabriel Windows

St Gabriel Windows
Photocopy c. 2013 Jamie Laubacher

Monday, February 04, 2013

Ordinary Life

After a not so great weekend, I’m glad to awaken to no more headache and drink a wonderful cup of Caruso’s houseblend coffee, my favorite brew these days.  Relief from the pain.  Relief from the terrible fatigue. Relief from the stresses I felt yesterday.  I think I’ve been fighting off the flu or a virus of some kind for the last week.  I’m hoping my youngest sons are okay this morning because both did not feel so well yesterday, and we departed for home immediately following our PSR sessions.  I’m letting them continue to sleep.

We have a busy home school week ahead, and that’s all we have…school, school, school, and the usual household chores.  I hope to get some more cleaning done around here. 

It’s ordinary time and life here until Lent hits in just 9 days.  Lent always seems to make me nervous anymore….I guess because I attempt to cram in so much in anticipation of my class’s First Reconciliation, Easter, Confirmation, First Communion events this year.  It’s like I can’t just kick into penance mode and reap the benefits of it internally like I did many years ago.  Still, my job is burdensome enough at the parish that it is a living sacrifice with many discomforts and I offer it up continually.

This Lent my husband will be hosting the Catholicism Project sessions, each Tuesday evening as we kick off this wonderful Fr. Barron program for the parishes.  That will undertake many weeks ahead, and he has been diligently preparing for the presentations and discussions over a month or more now.

Winter has surely arrived here in my part of the country as well….the deep freeze right now.  Makes it painful to get around, but grateful this year that I don’t have as many appointments to make it to with the youngest boys for a change.  I’ll take staying home and schooling over traveling out there any day!

Must get moving here, God bless your day!+


Home School Mom: Denise said...

Thanks for your comment Megan! It somehow got accidentally deleted through my email!!! yikes! but I did see it :) Appreciate it!

Cay Gibson said...

Love your comment about Lent and the sacrifice and penance your job throws across this season in your life. So true. I know exactly what you are talking about. Peace, my friend!