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Saturday, March 24, 2012

Kate Winslet helps lend voice and support to Autism


The Golden Hat: Talking back to Autism, Kate Winslet, Keli Thorsteinsson

I’m loving that I have this book coming any day now!  Can’t wait for it.  After seeing the movie: A Mother’s Courage, Talking back to Autism, several times, I am thrilled that awareness is being raised in so many areas.  Kate Winslet narrates the wonderful movie that chronicles the journey of a mother from Iceland who seeks out the best intervention and therapies for her non-verbal autistic son Keli (pronounced cay-lee).  He is the sweetest boy…what an angelic face perplexed by confused processing and sensory issues.  I fell in love with this precious soul from the beginning.  To watch his mother’s committed search for help, is both heart-wrenching and uplifting.  She literally travels the world, talking to families who have up to 5 children affected with autism and a variety of specialists, finally ending up in Austin, TX (where they now reside). The treatment Margaret finally decides will likely help Keli  comes by way of another mother whose son was severely impaired by autism and yet this mother believed to “assume intelligence” and find a way to help them communicate.  She believes in educating those who are impaired, and has discovered they can be educated; they are just locked away in their impairment, not fully able to communicate.  Her interventions and treatments are astoundingly successful.  She, Soma Mukhopadhyay, is the founder of the Rapid Prompting Method. She is the Mother Teresa of helping those with autism to gain dignity and respect and a place in life that brings quality and satisfaction to even those severely impaired by communication and sensory deficits. 

You can read more about all these great Autism helps and resources at the links provided.

Also  here is a link to a good article about the Golden Hat project and Keli and his mother Margaret from 

The Gift Of Communication For Kids With Autism And Other Special Needs

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