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St Gabriel Windows
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Saturday, March 03, 2012

The Trouble with Cousins: Peter Rabbit & Benjamin Bunny

Peter Rabbit has his fair share of trouble, and mostly for good reason...the little rascal is disobedient to old Mrs. Rabbit.  He defies her instructions and finds himself in terrible dangerous trouble in Mr. McGregor's garden.  More so, Peter and his relations have some dangerous adventures together as is simply a case of not listening to mother rabbit!  When Peter pairs with his cousin Benjamin, there is always some tense moments!  Benjamin is always looking to get into trouble and in the end get a "switching" from his old father rabbit!

It's so interesting that Beatrix Potter seemed to hit upon human inclinations when personifying her Peter and Benjamin.  You know how there are those friends, cousins and siblings alike that seem to lure you into mischief as well as get you in trouble every time!  You can't seem to say no to them....Peer pressure...the rabbit family has a load of this trouble in these sweet stories of Potter's that teach simple and helpful lessons.

This week I'll be tackling The Tale of Benjamin Bunny for my K -3rd grade co-op group.  We will dabble in water color painting this round, and I'm trying to figure out more room for my bunch, as there is up to 18 of them now.  I like to get them cozy on the carpet first, gathered around my reading area with their furry stuffed friends they've brought to keep them comfy during the reading of the story.  Then I have them move to the table for the activity part....only this room isn't nearly as big as I had hoped, and with so many gathered 'round table, and doing a special art project, they are pretty tight.  I don't want them to accidentally infringe or spill paint upon their neighbor's work.  I will need to re-think this set up I think!

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