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St Gabriel Windows
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Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Learned and Yearned Areas of Focus

SPRING has definitely arrived early in my part of the country.  I can not even recall in the last 20+ years a St. Patrick’s Day as beautiful and sunny and near balmy as we just had.  Amazing.  All this wonderful spring weather motivates me all the more into spring cleaning-flinging mood!

It started for me a few weeks back as I began to attempt a little tidying of some home school book shelves.  Soon I realized there were many books and resources I really did not need any longer – I decided to begin selling off as much as possible to any takers.  And what didn’t sell, I’d export out of here to Good Will.  So my shelf cleaning has begun…and as I clean, I think, and think deeply.  I’ve discovered my “learned and yearned” list. The beginning of the new year has taught me several areas of focus:

First, from my “learned” list: don’t fight with so-called Facebook friends on your Facebook wall.  It’s your wall, yes…why a “friend” would pick a bone with you on your own turf, who knows!?…I don’t allow it any more…if you say your piece and are out of line with bad language, or rude remarks, I hit the almighty remove comment button on you.  If you don’t like it….you can unfriend anytime…if you keep it up, I’ll unfriend for sure.  It’s as simple as that.


Next, from my “yearned” list: I long to CLEAN and DECLUTTER! I am loving downsizing, I plan on seriously “unloading” this house this spring, even it takes all summer to do so.  I plan on simplicity taking over more, economical choices, and buying choices that will help profit some special organization that needs donations.  Pro-life and Autism come to mind. So when I’m not buying something second hand through an individual seller, I will be using a store that gives a portion of its sales toward a cause of my choice.

My “learned” list: eating well goes a long ways!  I am eating much better this year, and I’m patting myself on the back for having cut out the main sugar carbo garbage binge I seemed to have found myself indulging in since the holidays.  I’ve added more fish, tons of steamed veggies, yes that means brussel sprouts and broccoli…and whole grains and fruit.  My cereal is wholesome and nutrient packed.  I think I can see through the fog finally…


I “yearn” to take better care of myself; not easy to do with special needs children being soooo needy and carting them to therapies and schooling. But, I do vow to have the strange odd itchy patch on my back (left shoulder) looked at – I have an appointment first week in April.  And I will see my gynecologist about this terrible prolapse and find out what the heck is going on.  I have missed taking “good” care of myself – except for my teeth – for almost a two year span.  I have seen my endocrinologist, but I need to care for all of me that has been screened or checked in a couple years.  I do get nervous over that thinking the worst at every little feminine pain or hot flash that happens. 

I also yearn to have more spiritual time in prayer and be able to attend more liturgical events of prayer and contemplation with Our Lord as my center piece.  May God truly bless me this year with a closeness to Him that I yearn so much for daily.


I have also “learned” to stop “yearning” for the past.  I don’t yearn for much of it, but there was a window of time in my married and life-bearing years I wish I could have stayed in forever.  It was about 10 years long.  I adored it, I flourish and blossomed in it, I savored every wonderful moment of it.  I think of it often; I am grateful to have had it and try not to be bitter about it slipping away.  I think we all have years like that.  I bet you could name yours right now, and maybe you might still be in it.  Count your blessings!

So, lastly, I yearn for better budget control.  I think I will strive all the harder to put that into practice.  I will buy much second hand and help give the money to others directly in need, if they have what I need.  I know I’m doing nothing for the public economy this way – (I still have to buy groceries, however), but I will help provide more income for another family whose personal economy may be suffering.  Others have been very generous in buying my books and home school resources; it’s simple: I have a gently used product, they have a need for it and to save money.  It’s a deal! Sold!

Now if I could just find cheaper mascara that agrees with my highly sensitive eyes, I could save money, smile more and yearn less….if you have any tips on this…please leave me a comment! 

Becca and Me


Megan@TrueDaughter said...

I have no tips, I am terrible with food, money, planning, taking care of myself and and jealously grabbing and guarding these "life bearing" years, as I know they must come to a close at some point. Probably very soon - I know I am pushing my luck as it is. I know precisely what you mean about yearning for all of those things.
As for mascara - it all drives me buggy. I can only wear it for a short time, and I have tried them ALL. No suggestions on that score, either. I'm pretty much useless to you tonight, but wanted to let you know I understood it all, at least!

Home School Mom: Denise said...

Hahaha, you are so funny Megan :) I'm trying HARD and doing better with the food choices - and feeling a bit better - got to keep it up! I also lost 3 pounds, so it's a start! I guess I'll have to stick to Clinique mascara which seems to be the only one that I can wear long term that stays on and doesn't blur and irritate my sensitive eyes....I try to change things up sometimes and I end up wasting money :( gotta stick to what works and not daydream about other products!....thanks for talking with me!!!