St Gabriel Windows

St Gabriel Windows
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Saturday, March 10, 2012

Making strides…

Around this time of year as spring shows signs of really breaking through, I am usually full speed ahead getting my second grade class ready for First Communion.  This year is no different, only first communion comes a couple weekends earlier, so I am a little more anxious preparing the way.

Usually a mother of one of my students will make the banner, but the last couple years, I’ve constructed one….this year I’m using some of this kit to put onto a much bigger banner (30” x 48” approx),

There is also a chalice and host and many little lambs, and the children’s photos will adorn the banner as well.  So far, it’s looking very lovely.

This time of year I also begin to realize how lax I am in caring for myself and my personal health.  The needs of my family exhaust, and especially the needs of my special children, and the above and beyond kind of care I must give them. Yes, I definitely see my endocrinologist – that has happened consistently without interruption for the last 13 years, even when I’ve had to bring babies in tow and drag younger children along.  But, just now I’m catching myself – during Lent no less – with the bad eating habits that have probably long persisted well after the holiday seasons!!!  I am adjusting, for the sake of just feeling better, everyday, hoping to squeeze out every last bit of energy I can muster….and ward off the effects of menopause as it seems to drain me so much with a bad thyroid.  I really need to power eat! I am looking at having to have female surgery in the near future, for needed repairs to a prolapse that has increasingly worsened….in the meantime, a little weight loss and some more exercising will help patch the way a little longer – buying myself time, yes, I am.  I dread the thought of the hospital stay, mostly because of my son that suffers from serious anxiety- panic disorder….I’m not sure how we will manage – or how my husband, mother or older children will manage him and the horrible freaking-out that can ensue when I am not here for several days…….I guess some day I will be writing the rest of this story…..

In the meantime, I am adding more fruits and veggies and whole grains to my lazy-as-of-lately diet.  I am committed to eating a beautiful healthy apple each morning with my raisin bran :), dowsed in skim milk.  I have some new supplements coming and I’ve already added some much needed vitamin E capsules along with my evening primrose oil to my daily regimen.

Hoping for a good day today as we look to tying up many loose ends, and anticipate loosing that hour tonight for Daylight Savings…..always an adjustment.

Have a great day wherever you are…..may peace and confidence in God’s plan for you be yours.


Megan@TrueDaughter said...

I know what you mean about poor eating habits and how they make you feel. We did a HORRIBLE job over the holidays and are now trying to get back to our "no white stuff" diet. I went shopping and filled our produce bins and have been trying very hard to get a piece of fruit in with each kid at every meal, on top of whatever veggie we are having for lunch and dinner. Not always successful, but my baby needs the calories, instead of the sugar he is constantly looking for, and I need to abandon sugar as much as possible. It's hard, and it is especially hard to do for yourself for some reason. If you do end up going for surgery, is there some way we can help? jonah can even go stay at your house if you think that would help. He'd love it. You guys have better snacks!

Home School Mom: Denise said...

Thanks Megan, I guess I'll cross that bridge (surgery) when I get closer to it and I pray for somewhat of a miracle with Michael. He did so poorly the other evening when a little neighbor invited him over and in the house, and Michael was all set to go (across the street),and just suddenly wouldn't do it - crying fit...falling on the kitchen floor, saying his legs and stomach hurt and he just couldn't go...(would I go with him??) so he didn't :( I ended up calling the home and telling them he wasn't coming...very disappointing...He has a ways to go -- first, I need to get Jamie through the wisdom teeth on June 5th. Thereafter, I need to see what I need done and go from there. I just know it's getting worse...and I've held off for all these years (since Mark's birth)...if I had known I really needed it then I would have...but it wasn't clear to me - they didn't make it clear to me - what was going on...
I've done pretty good in the eating dept today and trying to help the others along also. It is VERY hard...but I hope to get there - maybe the discipline of Lent will help! Hang in there yourself with it!..sounds like a good plan - just need strength to see it through...xoxox