St Gabriel Windows

St Gabriel Windows
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Saturday, April 14, 2012

Can we talk...?...about dry eyes and thyroid disorder...

....does that remind you of Joan Rivers?..."can we talk"?...her famous lead-in to humorous or intimate critique of something or someone....usually good for a little laugh.  

Well, my dry eyes due in part to my thyroid disorder really aren't a laughing matter, but I can and still do laugh at myself.  I'm aging...that's the truth of it, and one doesn't age as gracefully with thyroid problems.  A good working thyroid makes menopause more of a breeze.....which mine has definitely not been....its been more like a tidal wave ...with all it's ups and downs and twists and turns pouring over me, my mind and body for three years now....the side effects of which I can't begin to describe.   One such difficulty is recurrent and persistent dry uncomfortable ....

I have a friend who has suffered with Grave's Disease for many years now and recently had eye surgery to correct a problem that sometimes arises with the eyes due to the disease.  This friend just recommended two products for me to try, one of which I am already getting relief from.  GenTeal Lubricant Eye drops, (I picked mild to moderate), and Refresh P.M. Eye Gel lubricant for nighttime.  

Thank God for little favors.....and great friends :)

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