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St Gabriel Windows
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Monday, April 16, 2012

Monday Things.

I was reflecting on the past few months coming out of the Christmas and New Year’s whirlwind season.  My son with OCD generally does poorly after that time for several months, but by God’s blessing, and changing his medication in the fall, he did the best he has done in 3 years!  Liquid SSRI is perfect for him and at the right dosing, a near miracle.  Yes, he still has a few rough spots to get through, we are working on it, but for the most part he is considered in the maintenance phase of his disorder.  Yesterday he spent the whole day playing and adventuring mostly outdoors with a friend and going beyond his comfort zone in the neighborhood without fretting or turning back, so that is truly an excellent sign for him and hopeful sign to us that he can and will boss back OCD and not let it run his life.

We are nearly finished with school at home.  My 8 yr old should be finished as soon as next week, and my son mentioned above at least the first couple weeks in May.  My college students need prayers this week and next as they start into finals.  Many essays and projects and tests going on….my son this morning, that commutes, said in a forlorn voice:  pray for me this week, I’m going to need it. 

I am feeling a bit  better having tweaked my dietary supplements over the last month and added 2 Black Cohosh, morning and night,  Evening Primrose Caps, 2x a day, and Vit E caps 2x a day.  It seems to have soothed over my irritability and calmed my nerves.  It’s amazing what Estrogen can do for you, or not do for you when it is missing from your system….I just have a little more problem adjusting to its decline because of my hypothyroidism but it should be a natural event.  All in all, most the horrible misery has passed.

The end of the week I’m looking forward to the daughter of an old friend who will come and do a home show of the Arbonne product line.  I reluctantly agreed to help her with her business, knowing most of my friends wouldn’t be too interested (I already had someone tell me they “might” come, but “I’m not buying anything” ….sigh), but am more excited now as I realize how I rarely get out to enjoy myself anywhere, and this is a special perk to have someone come into my home like this for a spa evening.  My husband said consider it an early Mother’s Day gift, because he knows how lacking our social and get away life has been for the last couple years.  Yes, it’s been hard, I will admit, and sometimes I feel very neglected and needy. Recently the OCD book I’ve been reading, has helped me understand that we have done all the right things in putting the disorder first, and saying NO to outside activities to just focus on getting our son well and not pushing him too fast or hard (relapses that hang on forever).  Sometimes I’m sure my friends and other families have given up on us and moved on because we can’t go here or there, and do this and that.  I do know a few friends who have really done just that, stopped all contact with us,  and it’s hurt me to think about it, but in many ways I don’t blame them, they want happy healthy consistent friends for their children.  We are a promising family and have a lot to offer but because of disorders’ unpredictability, we fall short many times and others just see us as unreliable. 

So, today, this beautiful Monday, I hope to have a good school day, tidy up the house more as I hope to have some guests at my party, and I guess if I don’t, it’s just me and the Arbonne lady :)… least I will be a gracious hostess and interested in her products and it will be a nice change from my usually stressed out existence here!

Have a great day….



Mark showing off some coffee shop magnets a sweet friend had made for me


Megan Jeffery said...

Glad Mike is doing so well!
Jo has made great strides this year as well, and I credit a lot of that to Mike. All the talking, being social with each other, Mike making Jo interact, has really helped him.
I will be there Friday. I have hesitated to answer, just simply because I always feel so guilty when I go knowing I can't buy anything! We thought the coming months would be so much better, having gotten a couple of bigger bills out of the way. Then, I hit a deer. Then Meg's car broke down. Then Jenna's braces. We've had $2k in extra bills in the last 5 weeks. YUCK! Has been very interesting around here, but if you want to fill seats, I will be there!

Home School Mom: Denise said...

As always thank you Megan, and the pleasure and gratefulness is ours with Jonah in Michael's life!

So sorry about the BIG bills, I stinks :( we had a chunk like that around Christmas of all things...and Jamie's wisdom teeth are coming out the first week in June and it's a chunk of change for sure...BUT, I guess we're not taking it with us when we go! lol! I hope there's no bills to pay in heaven :) ...phew...we can go home to our Father's House debt free!

I know, I'm delirious! I need some desserts...hehee take care - see you soon!