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St Gabriel Windows
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Thursday, April 26, 2012

A productive day in the life......of home school

Some days are definitely keepers...some, ah not so much...Today, well, it was very productive.  It was our last day of home school co-op, so that made it "special" in many regards.  I finished up my Beatrix Potter literature class with the K -3rd grade students, and I hope they learned a lot.  I know they enjoyed the stories for sure - the books are so irresistible, and the little critters in human clothes are always a hit :)   Learning to sketch more, (nature journaling), tracing, and water color painting were all good exercises for them.  Hopefully they've walked away a little more enriched in literature and art procedures.  

I also had our state assessments' process done today; which means our school work for the year was reviewed by a certified teacher of our state and a document was signed per child reviewed, to indicate the children shown progress educationally.  That is always a good thing.  It usually makes me feel very accomplished!  We are nearly finished altogether with school -- Mark is completely done, having finished his entire math book (the last 3 pages yesterday morning).  Michael still has two chapters left in his math - so two tests, and also two tests in science left to do.  That should run him about another two weeks for sure, if not three.  Now that co-op is over, and we don't have as many appointments and obligations to attend during the week, we will be able to push along pretty quickly and take a much needed break.

My college children are in finals week.  Oh the stress of it all!  Not my stress, mind you...and I'm grateful for that, but definitely stress filled for them.  They have knocked out a few finals, and have a few more to tackle, then they will say good bye to the campus, and hello to their home town for a long summer.  They get May, June, July and most of August off (returning to campus the last two weeks in August).  They are looking forward to the break as you can imagine!  

So....just took a breather here, off to finish up dinner and collapse for the rest of the evening, sharing the days events with hubby.

God bless!


Megan@TrueDaughter said...

You sound very accomplished, indeed. I wish I did! We'll probably be at it at least another month.Yuck! I am so ready to be done!And, not so much ready for the college semester to be over. Challenges!
I hope you have a very fruitful summmer! And let me know if you need anything for this weekend!

Home School Mom: Denise said...

Well, I'm down to two to are how many up on me!? You're not doing too bad considering you have several more you're schooling, that's for sure! It's gotten easier in some ways, just having two, but with special needs that kind of adds it's own challenges. Still...I'm relieved for this school year to end earlier as it's been full steam ahead for many, many months now! I'm counting the days to May 20 when PSR ends also...and I think I'll be relieved!