St Gabriel Windows

St Gabriel Windows
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Saturday, November 17, 2012

A spoonful of sugar….

Every Sunday this year, just to help make 8th grade a little more cheery at our PSR weekend program, I’ve been sending snacks.  Mostly cereal bar assortments with a drink.  I noticed last year how nice the 7th grade instructors were in providing some snacks every week, and while my 2nd graders usually get “a treat”, in the way of a small candy or little individual bag of fruit gummy chews, the older kids are all the more hungry and well, you know how teens are…more sleep and more food.  For some it’s asking a lot to even get up that early on a Sunday morning so sweetening the deal is helpful.  I’ve also been paying for them to go to the monthly Knights of Columbus breakfast.  Many of the teachers take their students and pay for the breakfast at a reduced rate, but I just couldn’t ask our college aged teachers to do the same as their funds are tight and I appreciate they are even teaching to begin with.  I do know that there are a few teens in the class that look so forward to attending the breakfast…it’s actually what keeps them going.   And a Sunday a..m. snack while learning about God certainly doesn’t hurt.

So there you have it…this week’s basket is ready (gluten/dairy free for those needing it also):


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