St Gabriel Windows

St Gabriel Windows
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Saturday, November 10, 2012

Counting the blessings

Wow, I just finally watched an awesome movie.  I generally am not able to really watch any adult intense movies in this house with two very impressionable and sensitive children about (nightmares..).  But I LOVE a good movie and was delighted to be able to watch Snow White and the Huntsman. Yes, it was a good story and a bit frightening.  I love anything with fairy tales….I also love to watch the ABC series, Once Upon a Time (again, just too scary for my younger brood). Well, Snow White in this recent movie reminds me so much of St. Joan of Arc.  Leading an army, fighting against evil.  It also made  me think of all my blessings on this earth….after all, we must live this life before entering into the next kingdom.  And this life on earth is worth fighting for in the purest sense.  Yes, this movie made me think of life and death on many different levels.

Lately, I feel the ills of mankind in a very strong and forceful way.  Between failing relationships, confused relationships, aging parents, terrible financial stresses and just the responsibilities of family and faith, it’s been hard for me to really see the blessings….and see more of the burdens.  I feel the burdens.  I wonder why I care so much at times when I see things unraveling…others don’t seem to mind. 

And seriously, if I hear one more snarky remark….

So, as Thanksgiving approaches I am starting to consider those blessings.  As we recently studied in our home school about the Pilgrims and various religious sects that made way to this country for religious freedom and a new life….I am reminded of the very fundamental blessings we have.  I am grateful first and foremost for the freedom to homeschool; to be able to choose our own curriculum, including the history I just mentioned that is not published by a mainstream provider, but a Christian provider that doesn’t taint, white-wash and rewrite history with a special lean …I just saw a video on how many of the main textbook provider in this country have such an agenda (new world order stuff)…that makes my stomach turn.  So I am grateful to be able to choose materials that will continue to help my children “know the truth”. 

I won’t bore you with my blessing list….but I will tell you I do have one and it includes many other things.   I hope you will think about yours too and pray in gratefulness for those things in the coming weeks.


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