St Gabriel Windows

St Gabriel Windows
Photocopy c. 2013 Jamie Laubacher

Sunday, May 13, 2012

Happy Endings….

I spent a lovely Mother’s Day in my little town.  I baked, I enjoyed coffees and sweets (part of my children’s gifts to me); received a Barnes & Noble gift card for my NOOK Color from my daughter (that works :)…and a Grinder’s Cappuccino right after morning church.  I got a couple other gift certificates (Bed, Bath & Beyond, and a local hair salon), and two yellow and purple beautiful huge potted flowers which I planted in my cement planters in the front of the house later today.  Then to top off this whole wonderful day….I watched the season finale of “Once Upon a Time” ….sigh….my favorite show right now, so sad to see it end for now…loved seeing it every Sunday night.  I haven’t been this excited or hooked on a show since X-Files!…..and that’s saying a lot because I’m just not a TV watcher.  But I am a terrible romantic …so I’m definitely hooked!

Tomorrow I begin the “real” spring cleaning in this house and am anxious and glad to do so as I need to make more of a real dent in the clutter and junk accumulation in the basement.  I’d like to make way for moving our freezer also, and am looking forward to getting a George Foreman standing grill.  LOVE the grill…just want a bigger one.  My gift certificate to Bed, Bath and Beyond should help with this purchase – cheers!

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Janet said...

Sounds like you had an awesome day... We traveled back from Christendom so Lindsay is home now!! I am beginning Spring Cleaning and tackling the Living rm to take off dark wallpaper and paint( I hope anyway as long as the walls are sound enough)... But this week we are getting grades done at least for littles and winding down whatever I can with big kids. Really thinking about putting Austin in Health class for Summer with MODG. Then I am not the one trying to get it done. Wish me luck with lots of prayers!