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St Gabriel Windows
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Tuesday, May 15, 2012

On Praying…

My best days start when they start in prayer.  In years past I have prayed the Divine Office; when I lacked time as a busy home school mom, I resorted to a subscription of the Magnificat prayer companion book – a lovely beautiful daily prayer book that takes you through the daily readings.  A little pricey for a subscription, but a wealth of spiritual support.  Today however, I have a small prayer companion on my NOOK Color eReader.  The one I chose to download for daily use is called: Healing Prayers for Every Day, by Rev. Robert De Grandis.  They are short but packed with a scripture passage, reflection and a prayer.  This is so helpful for me.  When I’m out and about and feeling stressed or need to pray and need more directed prayer, I turn on my NOOK and find my prayer book.

Today, the scripture passage spoke clearly and not with accusation, although it could.  Instead, it sounded like the loving and guiding voice of St Paul in its assurance and gentle love:

Love is not envious; it does not have an inflated opinion of itself; it is not filled with its own importance.  --1 Cor. 13:4

Reflection: Envy is the root of evil.  Have you endured envy and viciousness for no reason as did Joseph from his own brothers? Has envy caused you to be competitive, restless, and without peace?  We need healing in these areas where we have been the victims and where we have been the victimized.

Prayer: Lord, teach me not to be envious, but to be grateful for all you have given me and others.  Help me build good relationships of mutual love and trust.

--Healing Prayers for Every Day, by Rev. Robert De Grandis

Why healing prayers?  I believe there is so much hurt in us caused by both our own foolish choices, and inflicted on us by others’ thoughtlessness.  I pray for others that I have hurt so thoughtlessly, as well as ask God forgiveness.  Healing is what Jesus was all about.  Healing infirmities, healing souls.  We in our frail and weak natures need healing. 


For the regular book version of this prayer book, visit:

Healing Prayers for Every Day, Rev. De Grandis


Megan@TrueDaughter said...

I am awful at specific prayer, other than those I have memorized. I need to look something like this up!

Home School Mom: Denise said...

It's short and sweet and makes you think -- I bet you could find it used too!