St Gabriel Windows

St Gabriel Windows
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Tuesday, May 29, 2012

So much winning ;)

..well, in a sense, feeling the relaxation of victory of a school year under our belts…yes, for this mom it feels like winning! 

The last week has been such a welcome change!  NO appointments, THAT was hard to believe; a sleep over with one of Michael’s bestest friends ever, which was very nice…I mean these guys just play and get along and are NO trouble at all – they are so absorbed in fun.  Then the added treat of having my husband actually home on a day off for a change…so nice…and all of us together under one roof as a family.  Haven’t had that for over the last 9 mos due to college.  I even got to get in some good laughs watching old classics like Malcolm in the Middle on Netflix; while a little tacky in some episodes, there are a few that are so priceless …like when the father sells Christmas trees – and at the same time a squirrel is loose in the hardware store where the mother works….so funny in my book – hilarious.    So overall, it’s been a pleasant week and holiday weekend.

Now back to reality! hahaha….well, it’s not all bad – ONE appointment this week, which is later tomorrow; maybe if I’m lucky and the traffic in the area isn’t too horrible by that time I can sneak over to TARGET and get a Starbucks coffee on the way out of the area.  The boys would like smoothies and icees, so I’m sure it wouldn’t take too much talking into. 

Right now, I’m trying to set dates on my calendar, and that in itself is very hard.  We have the town Homecoming parade and festival and our parishes’ directory photos to navigate around, as I’m trying to plan the PSR teacher/helper dinner.  THAT has been such a job in itself, it’s been so hard to get a good date and location and plug in the chef.  *sigh*  Still working on it.

In the meantime, my lovely daughter is going to have her wisdom teeth removed in 7 short days.  And then my son will be celebrating his 13th birthday.  He doesn’t know it, but his “white” cake, will really be green when we cut into it…he’s loving the HULK these days, although he hasn’t seen the new Avengers movie due to sensitive material …he is easily subjected to phobias and nightmares and so this one I need to guard cautiously…but, he has seen the old Bill Bixby series that was on TV in the 70s and it’s just right for him.  He is more of a detective as it is…and it has more of that in it.  So, he is enjoying HULK of the past, and will have a kind of hulk-themed birthday this year – with a special SuperHero Lego set (and a special edition HULK minifigure that comes with it) as his main gift.

Shortly after his birthday, comes my birthday….we’ll just skip over that one this year! LOL….:/

But, then follow my darling daughter’s birthday and in the last 8 years she has actually been away for most of them to Catholic Familyland in Bloomingdale with another family.  It’s been her special Catholic summer camp for a week every summer for many years now.  It will be different to have her here to celebrate on her actual birthday – looking forward to that.

And…so goes summer, with many more birthdays and a planned trip to a science museum and zoo this summer and later a wedding.   Again, we are cautious with travel because of our one son’s difficulty driving overall, but we are getting there little by little making strides.  Recently, I have noticed such an improvement in him (knock on wood), straying further and further away from me and our location on the street, and that is just fine with me – he needs to do that.

Right now, I’m feeling pretty good about the simple things life holds. 


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Megan@TrueDaughter said...

Sounds like a fun summer!