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St Gabriel Windows
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Friday, August 02, 2013

Schultuete anyone?

My friend Cay over at Cay's Cajun Cottage has a neat idea to share. To visit, click on this title: Schultuete: A New School-Year Tradition.

In the meantime, here's a brief explanation and picture from the Wikipedia. (Cay has much better pictures with her children :)

The "Schultüte" (or in English The School Cone [even though the word "Tüte" translates more as bag]; alternative spelling: Schultuete) is a paper (and later plastic) bag in particular.

When children in Germany set off for their first day in school upon entering grade, their parents and/or grandparents present them with a big cardboard cone, prettily decorated and filled with toys, chocolate, candies, school supplies, and various other goodies. It is given to children to make this anxiously awaited first day of school a little bit sweeter. (For more on this follow the LINK).


Esther said...

Hi Again:
Do you have any ideas on what I can put into this for my teen son? The only thing I can think of is gum ;-)
Thanks Denise!

Denise said...

Yes, teenage sons...I know mine is a snacker - so, small bags of chips, Andes mints...along with the simple school supplies, like pencils and some art items, (special pencils, eraser (he takes outside art classes). Don't forget holy cards, or some small devotional prayer book that might be suitable for someone his age; help get him through the year!) A small box of tissues! (Really, we have allergies here, it is helpful to have :) Maybe there is something native to your Hawaiin customs you can use??
Just some thoughts.


Esther said...

Thank you! These are excellent ideas. I am on my way to the dollar store right now.
God bless,

Kim said...

My mom has a picture of her holding hers wayyyyy back in 1950's Germany when she started school. My oldest gets her own this year!

Home School Mom: Denise said...

How fun Kim :) Yes, it's a neat tradition! Enjoy the new school year!

Chris said...

Great idea! We usaully give our kids back to school "gifts." Supplies, yes, but also some fun crafty things too and fun items..this is a gret way to do that!

Home School Mom: Denise said...

it is fun - but I think a Doctor Who TARDIS would be fun to put school supplies in!! Would get my sons attention! :)