St Gabriel Windows

St Gabriel Windows
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Wednesday, August 07, 2013

“Whatsoever you do…

to the least of my people, that you do unto me”… Matt 25:40

Today at the catechetical institute I attended, this message above was truly echoed many times.  Realizing catechesis is a “calling”, a work of the church, a community effort, and you are called to it, much like a vocation.  It is through Him and with Him, we bring the gospel to others.  And how would we want that gospel delivered?  With love and patience, with no judgment on our age, skin color, economic background, social status, family make-up..…the gospel message is for ALL without exception.

People called to catechesis need prayer, and they are usually people of prayer already. How can we transmit the message of God if we aren’t in communication with Him?  So prayer is essential.

I recently bought myself a beautiful new bible – just a small womanly one, that is easy to carry and use (more often I hope).  And when I am able I’m going to be reinstating myself back at Eucharistic Adoration as I was a regular adorer for 10 years before I had to leave and could no longer seem to fit it into my schedule.  If I must bring my younger boys, they must come.  We’ll see. 

One of today’s talks was on teens & technology.  A priest friend of mine, Fr. Albright, gave part of the presentation.  Many years ago when I began this blog (in 2006) a mutual family we shared in common saw my blog beginnings and  urged Father to create a blog to share his homily messages.  He has done a very fine job of that all these years.  And he more recently became a Twitter friend of mine as well; and who was more surprised to find the other on Twitter??  Ha ha!  You can find Fr. Albright’s blog at:

Proclaim the Truth in Love

Before the workshops today my son had an important doctor visit we could not reschedule.  At this visit, in referring to OCD and anxiety and it’s characteristic “lingering”, harboring and endless holding a grudge-kind-of-symptoms, the doctor said:  “delete the history”,  “start anew”    No words could be truer for those who wish to start anew and erase the past grievances and moments that keep replaying over and over in one’s mind – much like my son’s OCD, with him, nearly every little thing.  Delete the history -  Start anew.  It is a very spiritual message. 

And so I help our parish prepare for a new religious ed program ahead, starting anew; with a new outlook, new materials, new light and new hope.  We have so many sincere and lovely people living for Christ, willing to share their selves with our young people in teaching positions in our parish.  I pray for them all as we begin together a new year in Christ.

God bless+ 

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