St Gabriel Windows

St Gabriel Windows
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Friday, August 02, 2013

The youth services library programs ended this week; first the older students' on Tuesday, and now the younger ones today, Friday.  It always marks the beginning of "back to school" for me.  (I don't want to think about it quite yet though!)    But, our teen son is really going to miss his library program next summer as he will be too old to attend (he might be able fudge on this one, we'll see).

I have grown to love and appreciate the youth library programs for many reasons.  For my autism spectrum disorder son, it gives him a lot of sensory practice, new foods to test, and diverse cooperative social settings in which he can have exposure.  It was very hard to take him at first a few years back.  This is the first year he has just blended into the program and not seemed odd or stimming a lot.  I see progress and that is what it's all about for us. Giving him a fun time that he "wants" to go to, and improving his communications, social connections, body language and letting him get books and participate in something worthwhile to encourage reading.  

For his brother older than he, now a teen, it's been a work in progress.  I remember several years back when I first signed him up and took him, he wouldn't even go into the room with the other kids or librarians. Little by little, each year saw improvement until he became excited to go and fully engaged in the program. So, it's disappointing that it's ending for him -- I'd love to see him in it a couple more years.  (Maybe I need to talk to the librarians about this :)

At any rate, the programs have been wonderful and helpful and today we were given a bag of food to bring home - part of the food program for the children.  Although we are not in need like other families in the area who have need for such food programs, it was kind of a nice perk as it gave Mark a variety of different textures and tastes and interesting food choices to explore, and he saw the other children getting a bag of food and it was more acceptable and fun for him (it was like a "prize"), so he was rather excited about it. 

And so our summer is in the final stretch.  We will actually start a little bit of school at the end of the month; foreign language and maths as I like to get a head start on those and then add in the other subjects as we move gradually into September.  

Today, the end of the week, there is much to finish up,including bills and groceries, and a visit to grandma.  

Have a lovely and blessed weekend!

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