St Gabriel Windows

St Gabriel Windows
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Thursday, August 15, 2013

School is in the air….around the corner

We will begin school at the end of this month, well, at least my high school student will.  I find that starting math and foreign language (in this case Latin 1), is best started a couple weeks ahead of the rest of courses, then adding them in over a couple weeks times causes less shock of the rigorous load :)

Although my high school son could be doing a year ahead in math, I have kept him in the “average” category due to his anxiety disorder, although academically I know he could be far more advanced. Ninth grade classical curriculum is a lot in itself, and 9th grade definitely turns up the work load.  So his course line-up is pretty standard fare for 9th Modg, looking like this:

Algebra 1 (w/support from a local co-op class)

Faith & Morality

Fine Arts (art & music) LS (on line course with Modg)

US History & Geography/American Literature

Earth Science

Warriner’s Grammar & Composition (Third Course)

Cambridge Latin 1


My 4th grader’s courses are lining up like this:

Math 4 (Abeka)

Beginning Latin 1

Schuster Bible, St. Joseph Catechism No 1

Intermediate Language Lessons (work book format)

Writing Road to Reading (spelling)

Understanding God’s World – Science

American History Study w/Map Skills

Art & Music


The next couple weeks (although we have company coming again!)..will be spent organizing our work areas and gathering supplies.  There is on line orientation the last week of the month, and I hope to be ready to go by then.

Although I’m down to two students, they are my toughest ones yet with special challenges.  I am grateful for my job position that helps support me even further with their home schooling and brings peace to my uncertain heart.  The women I am working with are so saintly, and such a blessing at this time. 

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