St Gabriel Windows

St Gabriel Windows
Photocopy c. 2013 Jamie Laubacher

Sunday, August 04, 2013

It is an absolutely fabulously beautiful day out today.  After mass I had to catch up with one of the high school religious ed teachers for this year, and give her some items to look over, then we briefly made a pit stop at home before heading to a graduation party. Yes, it’s a late in the summer senior graduation, but was a very welcome one and enjoyed every minute of it catching up with friends.

Today, I’m re-grouping for a very busy week ahead; several educational consultations, a psych appointment for our son, (and what a report of progress we’ll be giving the doctor at this one), and a catechetical workshop.  This house is in desperate need of cleaning.  If I can manage I may begin to tackle the church educational wing – left over from VBS – we have much to move around, rooms to get ready and PSR registrations to set up.  I even have chalkboards to replace….

Then there’s us.  This family.  I’m pleased to say all my curriculum is pretty much bought and ready to begin – just need a few odds and ends of supplies.  I need to move a small desk into our master bedroom for my own office at home. 

But seriously, the biggest thing that needs to be done is:  COOKING.  I am going to spend a week cooking meals to freeze.  I’ve ordered some inexpensive divided dishes for left over meals (mostly for my oldest son, who likes to cart them to work).  These looked nice – Divided Dishes; they aren’t my favorite Tupperware ones (I have a couple of those left), but my budget can’t take that amount right now.

And what glorious news that my friend Gina, (her music is at my right margin), is rank #20 on ReverbNation today!!  I am SO proud of her, that little girl who use to walk to my house for guitar and voice lessons!!

And finally, the afternoon ended with the announcement of the 12th Doctor (Doctor Who).  Between that, and Downton Abbey Season 4 in the winter, I think I shall survive the next school year :)


Chris said...

Great to hear that it is as gorgeous in OH as it is here on LI!

Youa re one busy lady!! Wow, I can't belive how much you devote to your parish...good for you! They are blessed to have you!

Yes, THE DOCTOR! Exciting stuff! Tho we are not into DA.......if you like it I'll try it again!

Fantastic too that there is so much progress for your son! Good for him..that's wonderful!

Thanks for linking to Mem Monday! It's always great to have you link up!

God bless

Home School Mom: Denise said...

It is still nice today - cooler a little cloudier, but welcome. As long as it isn't 99 out, OR pouring down rain, I'm good :)

Yes, try Downton Abbey again - it may be just a "girl" thing though -- I know my sons DO NOT appreciate mom's affection for that show! LOL