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St Gabriel Windows
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Thursday, April 11, 2013

April: Autism Awareness

It’s been nearly two years ago now that we came to know the final diagnosis of our then 7 year old son: Autism. Officially: high functioning Autism with hyperlexia. 

While this month is to nationally raise awareness to the general public, we as a family don’t need the month of April to remind us of autism awareness because we are very aware of autism each and every day in our home.  We think about it all the time, we live with it. 

Mark is a joy to us and we have done and continue to do everything we can to help him “connect” and grow.  It is so true that early intervention is very important.  Waiting for things to “work out”, or for them to “mature”, isn’t likely a good idea.  These special children need as part of their early formation the therapies and guidance that encourage a more neuro-typical demeanor for them.  It will not change who they are, but it will change how they are perceived by others (more acceptable socially) and their self-sufficiency levels.

It is a lot of work to have a special child to raise.  I feel blessed that we have him, almost honored,  and I know God has a special plan for his life that we will come to know as it unfolds.  

So, during this Autism Awareness month, we give a shout-out to all those families raising autism spectrum children.  Be their heroes, and help unleash their super powers.


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