St Gabriel Windows

St Gabriel Windows
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Thursday, April 11, 2013

Next Year’s Curriculum Line-up

I’m so excited to already be exploring next year’s curriculum for my home school.  Our rising high school son will be using the following courses per Mother of Divine Grace, for 9th grade:

Faith & Morality

US History & American Literature

Latin I (Cambridge Latin, Unit I)

Grammar & Composition

Algebra I

Earth Science

Fine Arts: (either) Art Appreciation, or Art History as an on line LS Class; depends on what time and time slot for us this next year.

We have many extracurricular activities locally, both through our parish program/youth group, and our home school co-op.  As home schoolers, we also make our own extracurricular activities that work with our learning lifestyle.

~ My Fourth Grade son will be doing:

With the guidance of the Fourth Grade Modg Syllabus, he will be doing:

Bible History &   Catechism

Prima Latina

Math 4

Intermediate Language Lessons (I use the “workbook” format of this resource due to my son’s special needs)  or you can get the regular hard copy textbook here:

Writing Road to Reading/Spelling

Understanding God’s World (Science)

Pioneers & Patriots (American History) w/ Map Study Skills

Drawing Textbook, & Child-Size Masterpieces

Let’s Learn Music Book 3

Classical Music Selections and Selected Poetry for memorization

We are enrolled in Mother of Divine Grace for record keeping and guidance per a personalized consultant and approach.  BUT, you can follow this provider without being enrolled and with much benefit if you are motivated family and go it alone without the support and do your own recordkeeping.

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