St Gabriel Windows

St Gabriel Windows
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Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Wednesday Brings Light

Today we realize we are nearly done with school…..Seeing weeks 27 through 30, showing up on our weekly lists of 32 weeks ….not too much longer to go.  It’s been a productive year.  I am grateful!

Difficult. It’s also been a difficult year of growth and discoveries.  But, that’s okay.  It’s how we learn; learn our place, learn our strengths, learn our weaknesses.  It’s all part of God’s plan.  I’m okay with that.

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Revealing.  It’s been a school season that has been very revealing to me as a wife and mother and teacher of other’s children.  I have come to understand my own children’s frailties and limitations much better, and also learned their super powers.  It’s those super powers that will launch them into their path in life. 

Growing.  I think we have all grown in this family quite a bit this last year also.  From school year to school year, I can see such progress.  Mental health issues that plague one son are more slow in coming…but they do come slowly but surely.  He will get there, with time and patience.  Another son has calmed down, unwinding from four rigorous highly involved college years. He is ready to graduate and strike out more on his own, marching to his own drummer. 

Memorable.  This is a special year for many reasons. Some private, some public.  All to be celebrated in some way; whether it’s the singing of my soul secretly inside, or the singing of my voice publically in worship. 

Spiritual.  As I contemplate the sacredness of sacraments, I see the devaluation of them at the same time, sadly.  It is not an event to be achieved like a graduation, or birthday.  It is holy, it is grace, it is God giving to us.  I wish more people would see the sacraments in a more reverent light.

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