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St Gabriel Windows
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Monday, April 01, 2013

The Promise of the Resurrection

April 1st, 2004…….rewind.  It’s never easy to be losing a loved one to a devastating disease, but having the Easter season and the hope and promise of the Resurrection helps to ease the bitterness of it all.
Such was the case of my father’s duration of suffering with Hospice care, this time in 2004.  It was obvious his health was declining; our family doctor thought maybe he had had a mild stroke, affecting the right hand and arm…but testing and further screenings shown otherwise:  ALS  advanced stages. Lou Gehrig’s disease as it is more widely known.
By April 24, after my mother made an emergency run to the E.R. with him, due to breathing difficulties, he was released with oxygen and Hospice care began a few days later.

I will never forget bringing my children to my parents, baby in tow as I was 6 months postpartum then, and feeling the heaviest heart in my chest I have ever felt, seeing my father lay on a hospital bed in their family room.  Reality moment.
Ed  Reynolds young
And so it went painfully along…..a month of it.  Our parish priest came and prayed with him, anointed him…brought him communion every day.  The nurses came and went.  The medications increased.  My mother became exhausted.  The day we visited last I knew he was nearing the end.  I left only because I had children to get home and in turn I sent my husband to stay with my mother all night because I knew she could not and should not be alone when this was going to happen.  And so it did.  My father passed away amid respiratory distress in the wee hours of the morning.  My siblings were called to come, I was called to come….It was May 24.  The longest Month my family has ever lived.
When this time of year approaches …..I remember all too clearly and vividly.  But as the years have passed, I remember now with much more sweetness and hope.  In the Easter season….all our loved ones, and that great body of saints that have gone before us must surely be cheering us on:  Fight the good fight! Finish the race! Keep the faith!
It is not in vain, as the resurrection awaits us and we will meet again.


I have fought the good fight.  I have finished the race.  I have kept the faith. ~2 Timothy 4:7


Megan Jeffery said...

I remember this time and how awful it was for you all. I remember how hard Doug took it. I hope that your memories of your dad bring a sweetness to your thoughts, and less sadness. God Bless -

Chris said...

Wow, so sad, but beautifully told.
Your Dad will live on by your memories....It's quite difficult, the most difficult thing I've ever endured..losing my Mom and Dad.
In fact, I've written abt Mom's wake and missing her, Never written about dad and he's gone 20 years this summer. We had a special thing and I still can't form it into words.Definitely avoiding it.
Thank you SO much for sharing, Denise and for linking to Mem Monday!

Happy Easter Season, friend.

Chris said...

And BTW I can't believe how on top of things you are!
I didn't even share my link yet.
How did you know it was up Do you subs by feedburner? LOL


Home School Mom: Denise said...

Thank you Megan and Chris! always helps to "tell the story" and especially as each anniversary year approaches...I hope to post something special about my dear mother in law whose 88th birthday we would have celebrated in March on St. Joseph's Day. It's been three years since her passing now. My father in law will be 91 this September....He is well, but his age makes us both joyous and nervous!
Love to you both!

Allison said...

Like Chris said...beautifully told but heart wrenching.

God rest his soul and thank you for sharing something so tender.

Home School Mom: Denise said...

Thank you Allison :) I don't know how people without faith beliefs manage..I can't imagine living this life like that! God bless you - Happy Eastertide!