St Gabriel Windows

St Gabriel Windows
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Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Discussing Christianity…

…with my students at home.

At some point in our curriculum courses as we approach the end of grade 8 religion study, the student is scheduled to read, chapter by small concentrated chapter, C.S. Lewis’s “A Case for Christianity.” and asked to discuss it per the discussion questions/guide from Designing Your Own Classical Curriculum.  This final course is the golden crown of jewels of the 8th grade Mother of Divine Grace studies.  Just as the Advanced American Government & Economics course in 12th grade is the crowning glory of the Modg course of studies at the end of the road. 

And so it is, I am on my third student discussing A Case for Christianity.  It is so interesting to hear the insight they glean and how wonderful it is to have these discussions revealing truths in depth.  It tells me how ready they are to move on into deeper material and know logically that the argument for Christianity exists and is valid. 

When our values are so challenged today, all over the place and so blatantly and openly and rudely and without respect whatsoever…..I find the need to teach more thoroughly and live more thoroughly what our church teaches; not my own opinion…but authentic church teaching.  This is why I find Modg’s religion courses integrated with history and literature so well done.  My children graduate from 12th grade really knowing their faith.  When my oldest son and daughter are able to answer the hard questions in religion classes at college, and the professors applaud them for it and say:  “you are a Catholic that knows their stuff!”….I am proud that all those years at home paid off. 

In the meantime, we are nearly done with our curriculum studies for the year yay!  My 8th grader just has a couple weeks of math left, religion and history and all should be complete in two weeks time; then he’ll tackle his assessment and a standardized test.  My third grader is down to just a couple more weeks of math, and a standardized test.


It’s been a very productive school year in so many ways!  And another Confirmation complete for this family. (MIchael above with his Chrism forehead, and his sister beaming)  I can’t believe we will be celebrating the one year anniversary of Mark having made his first sacraments already – wow!  Fastest year ever!!

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