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St Gabriel Windows
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Tuesday, April 02, 2013

Einstein Syndrome, children that talk late

I’ve recently run across some information regarding a notion called: The Einstein Syndrome and it has me re-thinking my son’s autism diagnosis.  It’s not like it’s going to change much, if indeed, he is actually an Einstein Syndrome child and not autistic spectrum.   Either way, he has these distinct features that the book indicates:

  • Delayed speech development
  • Usually boys
  • Highly educated parents [okay, this one’s debatable]!!!
  • Musically gifted (families)
  • Puzzle solving abilities
  • Lagging social development

And it also says: the main thesis of the book is that late talkers are often inaccurately categorized as having Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD), and that a small subset of late talkers are actually highly intelligent children with characteristics concentrated in music and/or memory and/or math and/or the sciences……

My, my, my, that does sound like my son.

Well, I would imagine if it is so, it is still wise to have the ASD diagnosis as therapies would be covered for many areas of it.  I do recall the neurologist saying, any speech delay, no matter how it is caused needs addressed with therapy, and is usually followed by language expression delay/difficulties that will need addressed with therapy, and so forth. 

In the end, although I am VERY interesting in this book and have a copy ordered, I know the outcome will be the same, and it will not change the at-home therapy and facility therapy, or the academic method we use to further our son’s progress.

Still, it is all so interesting!!  And I am a sponge for anything and everything that helps me understand how to best help my special children so they can reach their best and highest potential in the area God wills for them.

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