St Gabriel Windows

St Gabriel Windows
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Friday, April 12, 2013

First Communion banner & memories

There is just nothing sweeter to me than helping to get the children of our parish ready for First Communion.  It’s such a beautiful time and a welcomed sacrament.  The families gather and we celebrate together as a parish family.  I have so many wonderful memories, stories….I should write a collection of them some day; twenty years worth surely adds up to something!

Today, a day where the social networks were bringing to light the grim details of a terrible abortionists’ tale….(and I agree that needs to be done), I decided to escape the grim reality of such inhumanity and focus on a sweeter reality of the innocence of five beautiful children who will receive their First Holy Communion in a few weeks.  This is one of the most small classes I have ever had! fact, THE smallest class in 22 years of being in the second grade instructing. 

It began with “thinking out” the banner….


Then, more sewing and ironing began…..

Soon, placing the felt pieces and photos just right…..And although it is not quite yet complete….(I still need to add a golden cord, with dowel rod through the top for hanging)….it is looking worthy of hanging on the lectern in our sanctuary on their special day.


God bless these children and their families as they anticipate that glorious day in May, and their hearts sing: Receive the Lord! 


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Monica McConkey said...

Nice post! I like how the 5 kids are welcomed/congratulated ...on one banner! I'm sure it will be very memorable...the beauty and significance of Holy all the work and love that you have put in.